January 18, 2022

The luxurious hotel beneath the water at Manata Resorts

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There are leisure hotels in the world and then come the luxurious underwater hotels. One such hotel is the underwater hotel at the Manta Resort in Tanzania. It is a floating island that provides an exotic underwater stand-along suite. It is one of a kind, and you might have never seen anything such before. 

The setting of the resort

There are two levels in the resort that are situated above the level of the water. The top-level is the perfect place for watching sunrise, sunset and gazing at the stars in the night. Then, there is a water deck, and it is the ideal place for romantic dinners. You can also use it for lounging around during the day time. Below all of it, there is the exotic underwater stand-along suite. Imagine yourself there as sleeping while watching the fishes gliding by and waking up to the blue stretch of ocean. The experience of staying in this underwater hotel at the Manta Resort is once in a lifetime experience. You will always remember it even after the holiday is over.

The underwater boudoir

The exotic underwater stand-along suite in the luxurious underwater hotel is the most stunning and beautiful part of the floating island. The Swedish engineers created the three floors of the underwater suite. The two of its levels are made from the local hardwood. It surrounds you with turquoise bubbles that allow you to take in the shoals of reef fish.

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The lounge

The landing floor of the resort is at the sea level. You can find the lounge along with bathroom facilities located there. Next, you can climb up the ladder to the roof, and you will reach the main lounge area. It is the perfect place to sleep under the stars and has an exotic view of the sky. The beautiful view is due to a lack of pollution in that area.

The magic underwater

The real magic that you get to witness is beneath the water. In the exotic underwater stand-along suite, you get to sleep on a double bed surrounded by a 360-degree view of the ocean. The underwater spotlight provides a serene view of the underwater ocean world that surrounds you. You can also catch a sight of some squid, octopus, and Spanish dancers if you are lucky enough.

Location of the underwater hotel

The exotic underwater stand-along suite is situated 250m from the stunning shoreline of the white sandy beach. The luxurious underwater hotel is located at the Blue Hole that is an exception in the coral reef. It can also be seen from the terrace of Manta Resort. The luxurious underwater hotel is at an ideal place in the tropical island beaches.

The hospitality of the luxurious underwater

A boat takes you to the floating island from the shore in a couple of minutes. The guests of the underwater hotel at the Manta Resort get their own boat. The captain of the boat serves you a light tropical lunch and welcoming ice-cold drink. Also, snorkel equipment and fins are provided for you to make the most of the exotic warm waters and coral reefs that surround you.

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