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BestOfGlamour. If you love to read about glamorous lifestyles, then you’ve come to the right website. BestOfGlamour is your final destination on the web to find everything you never knew you wanted to know about what it means to be alluring and chic.

We post informative and anecdotal stories about achieving the greatest, most sophisticated, and most luxurious looks. We love to cover the dos and don’ts of hair, make-up, jewelry, and clothing. Our stories will make you smile and laugh. They might even make you cry a little. We guarantee that once you start exploring, you won’t want to stop.

We also accept personal stories! Whether you had a dream glamour moment in which all heads turned in your direction to the sounds of oohs and aahs, or you suffered a beauty faux pas that gave you a chuckle afterward, we want to share your story with others.

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