List of top luxury brands of the world

Inter brand, a marketing consulting company, has released the list of best global brands of 2019. The ranking shows that luxury and retail comprise the fastest growing sector for the second progressive year. It is the fastest-growing sector even more than the technological industry. The luxury and retail comprise an average growth rate of 11% per annum. World's most valuable...

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Are You Truly Allergic to Gold?

Most people experience allergic reactions to food, animals, pollen, and dust, but many other potential triggers exist. Gold can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. People still react when they come into touch with specific forms of gold, even though the allergen that causes gold allergies is not always the gold itself but the metals that are...

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Billionaires, What Traits Do They Share?

Maybe you have thoughts of becoming rich- billionaire rich. You read books all the time about "How to Become Rich" or "Making Millions for Dummies," but you still think that there is something these billionaires aren't saying! Well, you are correct! They don't say it because it is an observable attribute. It is that unwritten rule, that unspoken...

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The meaning behind watch brands

When it comes to watches there are certain brands that will always stand out as embodying quality. Whether you are a fan of Rolex, TAG Heuer, Swatch, or Casio you are likely very fond of your preferred choice and rarely want to change. Yet do you know how your favorite brand got its name? Let’s dive in and...

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