Why your boss should not ask you to wear makeup on zoom calls

The outrage on the statement of looking good on zoom calls starts with Caroline, a non-profit communications director. Caroline has been working from home during a pandemic situation, just like others. Like every other working person, she is trying hard to maintain the work-life balance during the lockdown period. But once, she came across an email from her executive director stating a...

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The history of perfume

Perfume is incredibly popular today. In fact, if you meet someone that doesn’t use perfume it is pretty rare. Today perfume is used by everyone for hygiene reasons, to show our personality, as a status symbol, and to attract others to us. It is something that from a young age we think has special properties that once someone...

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Bring the space onto your fingers with these magnetic galaxy nails

Galactical designs have been taking over the internet for quite some time now. You must have seen some pictures on Instagram feed showing galaxy painted cars, house decor, and even galaxy-themed food! These outer-worldly designs are genuinely marvelous. The sheen, the shine, the glitter, everything about is so fascinating and charming. The sheer incredibility of galaxy art can...

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