How to condition your hair extensions?

Hair extensions are added by women to add highlights to their hair, increase the volume of their natural hair, or add texture to their natural hair. These extensions can stay up to days and even months without any damage, only if taken care of. The hair extensions are equally prone to damage as your natural hair. Hair extensions...

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2016 vs. 2020 makeup trends

Makeup trends come and go, and fashion lovers don't always look back after the trend is over. Makeup trends have changed so much in just four years that one makeup Youtuber took it upon herself to show people how much changes have come across in the past four years.  The trend  Beauty Youtuber Ashley Quiroz started the split face makeup trend. As...

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Origin of Eye Liner: A Brief Overview

People today use eyeliner for various reasons, including drawing attention to their eyes, achieving a specific style, or just having fun with makeup. The varieties of this beauty staple are plentiful, and fans have a lot to select from. The eyeliner industry is worth $3 billion today, with innumerable firms selling eye pencils, gel liners, and liquid liners...

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Ugly makeups that are in trends

In 2018, Rosanna Meikle thought that it was a failure. She was working in a beauty school, and she had not been able to find much work, nor could she garner much attention for her online creations. Due to the sameness around her, she was exhausted. “A sea of beautiful girls, eyes full of smoke, and plumped lips,”...

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Celebs caught without make-up

Cosmetic and photoshop, at times, are the best allies of celebrities when they are in public. Cosmetics and photoshop have the power of transforming a person’s look completely into something else that you might even fail to identify them. Some of the celebrities even go for special surgical procedures just to become and remain as beautiful as possible....

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All the beauty benefits of exercise

Your body needs exercise to stay healthy. Your brain needs exercise to remain sharp and increase your cognitive abilities. You don't have time to go to the gym. A few minutes of self-directed movement can help you stimulate physical activity throughout the day. The aesthetic and psychological benefits of exercise are undeniable. Here are five beauty benefits of...

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