January 18, 2022

2016 vs. 2020 makeup trends

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Makeup trends come and go, and fashion lovers don’t always look back after the trend is over. Makeup trends have changed so much in just four years that one makeup Youtuber took it upon herself to show people how much changes have come across in the past four years. 

The trend 

Beauty Youtuber Ashley Quiroz started the split face makeup trend. As per the trend demonstrated on her Youtube channel, she parted her face into two and started the makeup tutorial with a title of “2016 vs. 2020 Makeup Trends.”

The makeup trend of 2016 is popular because of the brightest highlighter than ever. Ashley put up that trend with the modern 2020 trend, and the tutorial video went viral. Quiroz added different makeup looks to each side of her face to show how trends in makeup 2020 vary from those famous in 2016 (split face makeup trend).

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One side of her face

To achieve the 2016 split-face makeup look, Quiroz first highlighted her eyebrows, just like the popular Instagram trend of that time, i.e., little light at the front and dark to the tip. She then applied matte makeup, bright and heavy eye shadow, winged liner, red liquid lipstick, and sparkling highlighter. 

NOTE: Makeup in 2016 was all about bold eyes, cut creases, contouring, and liquid lipstick.

Another side of her face

However, she went much lighter on the other side of her face to represent the trend of 2020. She created a neutral look – the no-makeup look. She used a light-covering makeup, concealer, neutral eye shadow, barely-there liner, and tinted lip gloss. She completed her look with pink blush and sequins around her eyes, and slightly filled her brows with a pencil and gel.

She wrote in the description section of her video, “2016 was such an iconic year for the beauty community, so it was crazy to look back and see how much trends have changed by far.

Viewers reaction

Quiroz’s video has gained more than 17,000 views by far, along with a wellspring of subscriber feedback sharing their opinions on the looks.

  • One fan wrote, “100 percent guilty of still making 2016 makeup almost every day because I love the style, but I respect the girls that look like the natural glam 2020.”
  • Another one adds that there are still some of us making up the 90s that is a mix of both. (This only shows that, despite ever-changing trends, most people will always stick to making a makeup that feels like them the most.)

Winding up

Makeup is a personal thing, people apply products that match their tastes and needs. But as with fashion, music, and tons of other hobbies, its trend also comes and goes.

The split face makeup trend is wild, and both makeup styles are working in 2020.

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