January 18, 2022

The new nail polish you have to try

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Nail polish is something we all love to buy. While it ranges from cheap to expensive and my drawer is full of both, I can’t resist picking up a bottle when I am out shopping. It is an inexpensive way to treat myself and try out a new look. I do this a lot though and I now have a large stock of nail polish colors. I am not saying this makes me a nail polish expert but I have had multiple friends ask if I am planning to open a nail salon with the large stock I currently have. Just to make it abundantly clear, as an example I have six different shades of black to choose from. So I know a thing or two about nail polish. Let me tell you that I have found something special on a recent shopping trip.

I was recently shopping in Kmart when I came across a nail polish I had never seen before. The bright colors and vibrant style immediately attracted my attention. If you are familiar with the music of Bebe Rexha then you may already know about this as she collaborated on the design. It is called the Sinful Colors collection and let me tell you it is a little treat. In fact, that is what is based on little treats. The brand designers know that many of us ladies love to do our nails on a Friday night with a couple of guilty snacks on the side. We like to call it self-care, am I right ladies?

Well, the Sinful collection has combined the two ideas and turned snacks into nail polish. If you have ever eaten a pack of Cheetos and covered your fingers in orange dust, and thought this looks pretty good, right before licking each finger, then this is the product for you. They have taken some of the best snacks and turned them into nail polish capturing their scent, color, and texture. For the Cheetos example, they have a neon Orange that smells like candy and also looks crumby on your nails. It is so cool!

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It doesn’t end there either. The company has released varieties for cookies, oreos, donuts, pizza, chocolate, and tacos. TACOS! I love these nail polish bottles so much because they smell so strange and incredible that they will definitely get some attention. They look so bright and bold that they are a perfect option when you want something loud to bring a fun outfit more to life. They have texture and design which makes them incredibly unique and smart. They seem to be of relatively high quality too.

Of course, they are not top of the range nail polishes but for the price, they do the job very well. Now it is time to discuss the price. This is where the news just gets better. How much would you be willing to pay for these novelty nail polishes? I almost don’t like to use the word novelty as it degrades them a little, let’s call them fun instead. Each bottle can be purchased for only $3 and you can get the entire collection for just $14. That means you can get your treat and your polish all for less than ten bucks and have the best Friday night ever.

Purchases like this are of course intended to be fun. I fully suggest that you host a girl’s night and dig into the full collection of these fun nail polishses. While I would never suggest a came of smell my finger under normal circumstances, with this collection it is a must-do.

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