January 18, 2022

List of top luxury brands of the world

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Inter brand, a marketing consulting company, has released the list of best global brands of 2019. The ranking shows that luxury and retail comprise the fastest growing sector for the second progressive year. It is the fastest-growing sector even more than the technological industry. The luxury and retail comprise an average growth rate of 11% per annum.

World’s most valuable luxury brand’s ranking bases

For estimating the brand’s valuation, the Inter brand examines the financial performance or services of a brand. It also takes into consideration the other important factor as the role a brand has in purchase decisions. Furthermore, Inter brand analyses the brand’s competitive strength against its rival brands within the same sector.

Result of the ranking

In the analysis of the world’s most valuable luxury brand, the Inter brand found out that the nine top luxury brands in the world have a combined brand value of roughly $117.784 billion. Louis Vuitton is the top luxury brand in the world, with a $32.223 billion brand value. According to the Inter brand, it has a 14% growth rate year-over-year. Following Louis Vuitton, the next world’s most valuable luxury brand is Gucci. Gucci is ranked as the fastest-growing top luxury brand in the world, with the average growth rate of 23% per annum. 

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The list of other top luxury brands in the world that dominates the sector is as follows:


Prada has a brand value of $4.781 billion. But its cost decreased by 1% with each passing year. Prada, the luxury brand was on the 100th number in the 2019’s overall list of best global brands


The luxury brand, Burberry, has a brand value worth $5.205 billion. It has an average growth rate of 4%. In the overall list of best global brands in 2019, Burberry stands on the 96th number in all the sectors. 

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. get rank no. 94 in the overall list of the 2019 best global brands across all sectors. It has a brand value of $5.335 billion. Its growth rate was 5% in 2018 when it ranked No. 83 among all global brands. 


Dior has a net brand value of $6.045 billion and a growth rate of 16%. It was ranked No. 82 in the year 2019 among global brands in all sectors. 


Gucci enjoys the brand image of being the 33rd most valuable global brand in all sectors. It has a $15.949 billion brand worth. Also, Gucci has become the fastest-growing luxury retailer with a growth rate of 23. 


According to the brand marketing company, Inter brand Hermès has a $17.92 billion brand value, along with a growth rate of 9%. It stands at the 28th position in the overall list of global brands among all the sectors. 


Among the top luxury brands in the world, Chanel is at the 22nd rank worldwide. It has a brand value of $22.134 billion, along with an 11% growth rate. 

Louis Vuitton 

According to the Inter brand, Louis Vuitton has a $32.223 billion brand value and a 14% growth rate. It is the world’s most valuable luxury brand at present. In the best global brands among all sectors, Louis Vuitton is the 17th most valuable brand.

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