January 18, 2022

Also smartphones from rich people get hacked

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The entire world is turning towards technology to solve each of their problems, including dating, food ordering, traveling, navigating, and traffic. But there is no such app or gadget that can save the rich and famous people from falling into the hands of the cyber attackers.

Turning point

Security experts spend millions of dollars each year to protect the top executive people from all sorts of physical attacks, but they can’t stop the threat of cybercrime. Here are some examples of the money spent on the physical protection of the icons:

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  • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, spent $20 million in 2018 for his and his family’s protection during their trip.
  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, started using private jets from the year 2017, which is paid by the company to safeguard his life.

Later a report went viral that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO’s smartphone, was hacked. It marked the turning point, and now all the high-profile people are spending more and more to prevent cybercrime.

How to prevent the threat?

According to a security expert, – “there is no perfect technology to control the threat of the cyberattacks.” The high profile people are the most vulnerable to get attacked by a team of cyber attackers. The major reason is that they have very little time for training and are very much exposed to attacks.

Which mobiles must the rich people have?

The Vice president of cloud research says that the rich and the famous can not buy a smartphone that has more than average security settings. The level of the technology is so advanced for each and everyone that there are no special types of phones for the elite ones. Companies have started spending more time and money on digital security from the past two years.

An IT researcher at security firm Fortinet explained, the focus is mostly on the corporations’ network, which includes teaching executives with the ways to spot fraud in official work emails.

There are certain smartphone companies that use software that easily spots and removes malware virus. And they also offer web filtering tools that prevent access to websites that could be harmful to the system. The companies are not understanding the complexities of the cybercrime and are just dependent on other companies to find good tech solutions.

The case of amazon founder’s hacked phone

  • The smartphone was hacked in May 2018, when a WhatsApp message was received by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi. The message was a video file, which was analyzed as the cause of the attack, but Arabians denied the accusation.
  • After this attack, Amazon spent $1.6 million on the security measures of Becoz, the CEO. But the company never revealed the amount that they spent on safeguarding him from any other cyber attacks.

Taking all into account

If you have billion-dollar worth business information on your phone, then you are likely willing to invest significantly to safeguard it from the cyber attackers. Few easy ways are to avoid downloading newly-launched apps, having a separate smartphone for work, and travel, and you must reset your phones after every few months. All these small measures from your side can safeguard you from cyber attackers.

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