January 18, 2022

Why keeping your nail polish in the fridge is better

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If you are like so many others in the world, your makeup cabinets are likely overflowing with various products. From foundations to powders to lip glosses and much more, you’re probably tired of stuff falling on the floor when you reach for something out of your makeup drawer. It’s always so easy to order new products, especially when we are trying to listen and stay inside during the pandemic. Who’s up for some online shopping? You may be enjoying all of those packages in the mail, but your makeup space has become non-existent now that you’ve opened them all. If this is your life, then we have some really good news for you! There are some products in your cabinets that are going to do much better in a different area, saving you some much-needed space!

That product? Nail polish. So many of us have multiple nail polish bottles in our drawers, right? We like to have choices when it comes to the colors we paint our nails. Sometimes you want to match your nail polish to the outfit you plan to wear. Maybe you get bored with the same old colors, so you make sure you have a bunch of different ones to choose from. Whatever the reason, your cabinets and drawers are full of choices, from soft and subtle to loud and bright.

The only problem? You get all ready to paint your nails that electric blue color you love when you realize that the polish has gotten too clumpy and congealed to use. No matter how hard you try to stir it up, it’s no use. You end up throwing away an expensive polish that you barely had the chance to use!

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Rachel Jacoby Zoldan has worked for more than ten years as a beauty editor. She has picked up many tips along the way, some better than others. One of her favorite tips involves nail polish and eye creams. In her honest opinion, storing your nail polish in your refrigerator will help keep it as fresh and new as possible. The cold will keep the polish from getting so thick over time that it becomes unusable.

The head of the makeup guru L’Oréal USA, Ram Hariharan, also chimed in with his opinion on how to keep nail polish in your home. He states that keeping your nail polish in your refrigerator instead of in a cupboard will help it retain its true color over a longer period of time. When your polish is kept in the fridge the environment slows down the normal solvent evaporation that happens to polish as it ages, Hariharan told Makeup.com. He also added that you should always put your nail polish in the refrigerator as soon as you purchase it in order to preserve its true color.

But that’s not all. Harihan also says that there is a proper way to keep your nail polish when you put it in your fridge. The bottles should always be tightly closed, of course. Additionally, the bottles should be stored upright. When you wish to paint your nails, remove the bottle that you want to use from the fridge and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. You want your nail polish to reach room temperature before you apply it to your nails.

How often you use the polish will determine whether or not you should bother keeping it in the fridge, according to The Chicago Tribune. Journalists of the Tribune talked to professional manicurists at Nails Magazine concerning this tip. If you are constantly using your nail polish and run out quickly, you likely don’t need to keep it in the fridge. This is especially true when you only use a couple of colors and are always retouching your nails. However, if you have multiple bottles and won’t use them all up right away, it is better to keep them in the fridge to preserve their life span.

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