January 18, 2022

This 80’s trend is making a comeback

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The 80’s trend was quite audacious – the colors, silhouettes, and the prints – all were set with a mindset of having more. Like it or not, the same era of fashion is coming back in no time. The trend is far from the subtle side of style, but if you are skeptical about carrying this fashion, then it’s time for you to open your mind.

However, it is quite essential to understand the thin line between the 80s inspired outfits and the 80s themed outfits. As you know, only the inspiration is much likely wearable than the entire themed outfit. 

Some of the 80s inspired styles

Many present trends are from the past, and the 80s styles inspire some of the viral trends of 2020. These are:

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  • Exaggerated shoulders
  • Neon outfits
  • Taffeta Ruffles and bows
  • Acid wash denim
  • Spandex

All these styles would not look like a costume if you are not careful about carrying it in proper modern style.

Popular 80’s trends

Apart from the above styles, there are a few trends that are about the 80s but with a hint of modern touch. Have you yet came across the work of a few style influencers? They are already in the ride of incorporating the 80s trend in their lives, but with modern creativity? If you are yet to explore it, then don’t go anywhere and check out the article below to learn more about the new 80s inspired outfits.

  • Upcycled vintage

You can easily upcycle your vintage clothes into something which you can wear in the present times.

  • Bold colored leather outfit

Don’t be afraid to try a combination of vibrant shades of leather altogether in an outfit.

  • Spandex & chains

Chain print shirts are quite likely to go with long biker shorts to bring back the 80s style in the 20s.

  • Floral prints

Floral prints can never go wrong. You can always go for a delicate, powdery, and soft colored floral outfit this summers to bring back the 80s style.

  • Shoulder padded boxy blazers.

A boxy shoulder-padded blazer is the largest part of fashion history. You can pair these blazers with tapered jeans or a fitted kegged pant to create a contrasting loose and tight look.

  • Bold & statement prints

Abstract and bold statement prints with a loud color palette are something that is most likely to give you a vintage vibe. If you feel that it is too much for you, you can narrow down the impact of the outfit with minimalist basics.

  • Classic pair of leather loafers

Basic leather loafers with ankle socks are back again in trend.

  • Acid- wash denim

Acid wash denim gives the most authentic 80s vibe to your outfit; all you have to do is to pay attention to the silhouettes.

  • Polka dots

It is the most basic print trend that is ruling over the decades. Thus, whenever you are in doubt, always go for polka print. Try pair up polka with other styles like square neckline or drop-waist dresses.

  • Neon color outfits

Neon color is at its peak this year, and if you want to add a little more 80s vibe to it, you must go for a boxy style blazer with pants and gold accessories.

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