January 18, 2022

How to choose the best rug for your room?

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A room appears more attractive and appealing when it is appropriately decorated with symmetrical objects. But oversized elements in a room can disrupt its overall look and feel. Your room should have a structured and consistent interior design, which is easy on the eye and lifts the beauty of your room as well. There is a similar object that is not used in most homes but plays a significant role in the decoration of your drawing room and living room majorly. We all have rugs at our homes, whether short or long, and the name of the object is the rug.

If the surface it covers is delicate, then the rug could easily afford to be a bit glamorous or vice versa. After all, it is all about achieving a harmonious effect in your room. This can be achieved with some of the below-mentioned points.

Rugs are in relation to the beds

Rugs share a common connection with the bed, but you need to avoid the most common error. Whenever the rug extends outside the four corners of the bed, it needs to be of contrasting shape and color. Getting the rug of the same structured pattern as that of your bed can get monotonous. Make sure you get a circular rug that extends in the right amount and gives variety to the setup.

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Space for furniture

If we say that the rugs should be placed in proportion to other objects, we are talking about the furniture inside the room. No TV cabinet or book almirah looks aesthetic in case it is half-placed on a rug. Hence, a rug inside your room should have a bed and a center-table resting on it.

Confusion about the size

Many people get themselves perplexed about the size and dimensions of their desired rug. But unfortunately, they end up buying a smaller rug as per their requirements. If you are in a lot of confusion about the size and dimension of your desired rug, we recommend you go for a bigger rug. Once you take home a smaller rug, you are most likely to come across some uncovered area of a floor, and that risk is not recommended. And this furthermore shows that the owner of the house has not properly invested his efforts, and the carpet area looks under progress.

No formula for the perfect rug

There is always a need for a room to be full of creativity and customization. Make sure you go for a funkier shape of the rug if you think it can match with the framework of your room. Meanwhile, you should not be afraid to go for the rug, which is simple or basic, if you like it that way because it is you who is going to invest in it.

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