January 18, 2022

The 1980s Patek Philippe Geneva’s €10M smartwatch

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If you have a lot of space money and interest in having the smartest expensive watches, then you must take out time to check out the auction of one of the four existing Patek Philippe Calibre 89 watches. It is one of the most complicated watches in the world, which is going live for the first time auction on May 14 after 2009. The watch was created to celebrate the successful 150 years of the brand Patek Philippe.

About Calibre 89

The Patek Phillipe’s Calibre 89, holds a position in between present times, Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 watch with 57 complications and Henry Graves Jr. Super complication watch (1932) with 24 complications. Whereas, the 20th-century watch, Calibre 89, has 33 complicated functions.

It took around nine years to create this masterpiece after Henry Graved Jr. Super complication watch. The first watch commemorated in the year 1989, and it took another nine years to create three more in pink gold, platinum, and white gold.

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  • The first watch was created in yellow gold color with a double dial.
  • It is a double open-faced watch with a diameter of 88.2 mm.
  • The watch weighs around 1.1kg or 2lb.
  • A pair of corundum sapphire crystals protects the dial of the watch.
  • The watch is handmade with 1,728 components and has nine more complications than the Henry Graved Jr. Super complication watch.
  • There are four separate movements divided into four tiers on three plates, which work in concert with one another.
  • There are three mainspring barrels for time, calendar, and alarm.
  • The mechanism of the watch is regulated by the tourbillon escapement that revolves at the speed of 0.5 rpm.
  • Every dial and display screen is sealed in a three-piece 18K gold bassine case, which is interrupted by the winding crown. And it slides to control the repetition of the alarm, Grande sonnerie, and petite sonnerie.

The dials

  • It has masses of dials and displays.
  • The mean time dial shows the outer track for minutes with five-minute divisions, and the mean dial is in cream with yellow-gold Breguet numerals with minute divisions in red color.
  • The subsidiary dial present in the watch records 30-minute and 12-hour intervals of time. It has a yellow gold hour and minute hand along with the second hand of blued steel.
  • The mean dial has the winding crown position that indicates the specific functions of the watch. The perpetual calendar shows the accurate day, month, year, and century; and has the record of the leap years until the 27th century. It indicates the leap year cycle, power reserve, moon phases, temperature, and split seconds. It also has the function to set alarms and to adjust the second time zone.
  • The white Sidereal dial has Arabic numerals, especially for 24 hours record of the sidereal time.
  • A transparent disc is also available in the watch with gold dust that represents the Milky Way on a celestial chart of the night sky over Genera Switzerland.
  • A gold sun hand rotates around the dial, just once in a year to present the seasons: the equinoxes, the solstices, and the current sign of the zodiac.
  • The Sidereal dial also has a readout for the sunrise time, Easter date, and the time equation.

The auction

  • The watch comes in a fitted wood box that has “Calibre 89” engraved on it along with the date of the manufacture, gold key, and a gold corrector.
  • The Important Watches auction is going to take place at Sotheby’s in Geneva on May 14, and the watch would be sold as a property of an unknown private collector.
  • The estimated cost of the watch is US$6,601,010 to US$10,155,400.
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