January 18, 2022

How to dry your hair correctly

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Hair is surely the cruelest mistress to tame. Sometimes it looks incredible and we think we have solved it and we are now one of those lucky people who just have great hair all the time. Then we wake up the next day and our hair is telling a very different story. There are so many pitfalls when it comes to hair that if you get a single thing wrong it can look like a disaster. Yet we know from looking at celebrities and models that when they need their hair to perform they are able to do it. We recently spoke to a hairstylist to the stars and asked for some tips on ensuring your hair looks good.

Cynthia Alvarez is the hairstylist to Shakira and many other famous haired ladies and as such clearly knows everything there is to know when it comes to hair.  She says that the key to great hair is drying it correctly. While most of us are happy to come out of the shower and dab our hair dry with a towel before leaving it to dry au natural. This is a mistake. Most of us know it is a mistake but we are just too lazy to do something else. However, according to Alvarez, it is the biggest factor in determining if we are about to have a great hair day or a bad one.
Of course, depending on what type of hair you have will determine how you need to dry your hair. Here is everything you need to know:

Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair then you first comb through it with a wide-tooth comb. After this wrap it up in a towel for five minutes then shake it out and air dry for 15 minutes. Most of us would stop here but the steps are only beginning. While still damp you need to apply a light mist of salt spray and after it dries completely apply two inches of style cream from hair root to end. At the same time twist each section to make those waves really pop. If you feel that the waves are still not showing strong enough you can braid your hair while it is still damp to give them even more lift.

Curly Hair

For those of you blessed with curls. I know it is a difficult task to keep them looking good but please never curse them. Know that every woman out there who doesn’t have curls is incredibly jealous of your curly locks. Embrace them and enjoy a wonderful life.

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The best tip we were told for curly hair is to use a microfiber towel. If you use a standard towel it will kill your curls probably explaining why you can never get them to look good on the day you wash them. After drying with a microfiber towel divide your hair into four sections and apply some gel to each section. Glide your hands down each section with gel in hands. Then apply some hair oil to your hands and scrunch up your hair once again. Finally, get that wide tooth comb out and fluff the roots of your curls to give them a little extra lift.

I wish that the solution to great hair was simpler, I really do. However great hair takes time, practice, and a little bit of investment in the right products. However, great hair is a possibility for every woman out there and I encourage anyone who feels they are living with terrible hair to continue trying new methods and new products until they find one that works. It does exist, it is out there and you deserve it.

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