September 20, 2021

Why loud noise is harmful to your health, explained by experts

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We all know that loud noise is bad for ears. It is potentially dangerous and may even contribute to permanent hearing loss. This is the reason why experts suggest that we invest in appropriate quality headphones and ear pods and stay away from high-decibel locations. 

In the past, numerous studies have been carried out showing how noise exposure can cause serious health problems. The studies showed that excessive noise could cause significant damage to the ears. Long or prolonged sound exposure at or above 85 decibels (think of heavy city traffic) will result in what is known as noise-induced hearing loss.

What researchers have to say on the effects of loud noise: 

Experts have explained the effects of loud noise and why loud noise is bad for your health. 

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Your brain is getting inflamed:

Researchers have found in recent years that excessive noise can do more harm to your ears. It can damage the sensitive nerve endings that transfer the electrical information from the hair cells (inside your ear) to your brain, possibly causing chronic inflammation. As a result, there is increasing evidence that hearing loss may be associated with a loss of Trusted Source cognition, such as dementia. 

Your mood turns dark:

Imagine having to work with a smoke detector in an office that is continuously going off. You will finish the day in a bad mood. The same is true if you are employed at a place where there is excessive noise, but since it is your workplace, you can’t hide from it. Irritability and anxiety worsen in noisy conditions.

This weakens the immune system:

Your overall quality of life can be impacted by (noise) affecting your overall health. Remember, the term”hormone of stress”? Well, it increases your blood pressure and blood sugar while diminishing the ability of your body to fight off disease. Many researchers say an increase in illnesses and colds is possibly the same as the effects. There is also stress associated with chronic health problems such as diabetes and stomach ulcers. 

Focus goes out of the window:

It’s no wonder that you need focus when you’re trying to read, you most certainly crave for peace and silence. One study in Sweden found that when given a basic memory test, people who worked in a noisy open-floor office remembered fewer words only.

You will find it more challenging to get a full night’s rest:

Too much noise will disturb and stimulate the brain, making it harder to get into a relaxing state and end up falling asleep. Moreover, outside noise hinders the quality of your sleep while you’re sleeping. Inadequate sleep is related to long-term health consequences such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Above mentioned are the effects of loud noise and why loud noise is bad for your health by experts.

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