November 29, 2021

There’s only one day a year when Elizabeth II has help with her makeup

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Queen Elizabeth II is one of the world’s most well known women. She’s been the head of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations since her father passed away. As the monarch, she does a great many things over the course of any day. She speaks with varied community groups. She represents the United Kingdom when she travels to other parts of the world. She also speaks to world leaders when they come to visit her home country. This is an important role on the world stage. Her choices in dress, jewels and other aspects of her person are very much scrutinized on a global stage. She has to look her best when she is opening parliament or making speeches to other heads of state. Many things go into making her image. One such aspect of her dress is the use of makeup for the cameras when she is being photographed.

Help from professionals

The Queen has lots of staff to help her look good. They work with her each day to help her figure out what she is going to wear. Any outfit she puts on will be seen by millions of people. There are many important occasions when she has to get it just right. She is the center of attention. Makeup can be particularly important to her look. That is because she is frequently under hot lights. Lights that are used on her when she is in a room can be quite harsh. They can make her look washed out. That is not good when she needs to be heard by the public and spotted in a crowd. She needs makeup that will stand up when she’s in public for hours. She also needs makeup that won’t make it hard for her to be seen.

With that in mind, she has lots of professionals who can help her get the look she needs. At the same time, there’s also one day in which she particularly relies on their help. Every single year the Queen makes a speech at Christmas. This message is broadcast in the United Kingdom and to many other parts of the world. The message is a beloved holiday tradition in the United Kingdom. It’s also the one time of the year when the queen chooses to work directly with professionals. She knows they can provide what she needs in order to help make this occasion go well in every respect. It’s one secret that her personal dresser Angela Kelly is happy to share with the world. Kelly has been helping the queen look good for many decades. She knows the queen has a style of her own and she helps her make that happen.

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A makeup artist

Television makeup expert Marilyn Widdess works with the queen each year to help her with her Christmas broadcast makeup needs. She comes by before Elizabeth II has to appear on camera. The makeup artist makes sure that the queen has makeup that won’t melt in the hot lights or run down her face as she makes her speech to the nation. Over time, the queen has developed her own personal makeup style. Her style is very much one where she likes to add a touch of color to her lips and bring out the color of her blue eyes.

She also has a plan when it comes to other aspects of her wardrobe. For example, every single year the queen goes to an event known as Royal Ascot. This event is where what she wears comes under a lot scrutiny by the media. Watchers pay close attention to her hats. She wants to discourage people from betting on the kind of hat she’s going to wear including the color and style. That is why several decoy hats are put on in advance. She’ll pick one for her own use right before arriving.

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