September 20, 2021

The meaning behind watch brands

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When it comes to watches there are certain brands that will always stand out as embodying quality. Whether you are a fan of Rolex, TAG Heuer, Swatch, or Casio you are likely very fond of your preferred choice and rarely want to change. Yet do you know how your favorite brand got its name? Let’s dive in and find out.


When anyone thinks of high-quality watches they think of Rolex. Rolex has dominated the watch game for many years and has always been at the height of luxury and quality. The name almost sounds like it embodies that very sentiment. There are many rumors of where the name came from. Originally the brand was called Wilsdorf and Davis after the inventors. Wilsdorf then came up with the name Rolex. Some say that he just rearranged letters in the alphabet until he found something good. Others say that he simply wanted a word that could be pronounced in any language and could fit on a watch face (knowing how some languages struggle with the R sound – we doubt that is true).

Others say that Rolex is named after the French term Horlogerie exquise – which would translate to the exquisite measurement of time. Taking this term and compacting it allows you to end up with Rol-ex or Rolex. This is our favorite explanation.

TAG Heuer

For many younger generations, the best watch imaginable is now TAG Heuer. The Heuer part of the name is straight forward it is the surname of the inventor, Eduoard Heuer. The TAG part is simply an acronym of the term “Techniques d’Avant Garde” which could be taken to mean “cutting edge techniques” depending on your interpretation of Avant-Garde today.

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Swatch is another great name and most people are pretty sure they know the answer to this one. Swatch watches are made in Switzerland so it must be Swiss Watch shortened down. That is actually incorrect. Instead, it is meant to be Second Watch. The idea was that these watches were a lower-cost model that you would wear day to day while keeping your luxury expensive watch for special occasions. We love this idea and can’t wait for a Sunglasses company to form!


Casio is the world’s favorite digital watch. They are of high quality, low cost, durable watches that come in a variety of styles. The most famous style is certainly the G-shock subbrand. The Casio G-shock has been on the market since 1983 and has been selling like hotcakes ever since. Recently Casio estimated that it sold its 100 millionth G-shock watch. The special watch was engraved with the number so that the owner can keep it as a special item forever.

The name Casio comes from the inventor Tadao Kashio. His first actual invention was a small ring for the finger that would hold a cigarette. While this may sound a little wacky now, he invented it in 1946, right after World War 2. At that time cigarettes were incredibly expensive and the idea that someone could smoke their cigarette down to the very bottom without burning their fingers was a big hit. In 1957, the company invented the first compact calculator. Since then they haven’t stopped creating amazing technological wonders and the Casio watch is just one.

Whether you are a loyal Casio or Rolex follower it is fun to know where the name came from. There are many other famous brands in the watch market like Zenith, named after the highest point in the sky, a subtle nod to the high quality offered. There is Omega, which means perfection, and Hublot which means porthole (the inventor was a passionate sailor). Whatever your favorite brand is, let us know the name and we can tell you the history.

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