October 27, 2021

Ten easy steps of doing a pedicure a home

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Selfcare is a critical aspect of wellness that everyone should embrace. When you pay attention to yourself, then you can take care of other people. It involves pampering, and what better way than to have a pedicure from the comfort of your home. Pedicures offer relaxation to the feet and improve blood circulation in your body. Whether you are trying to save money or time to go to the Spa, a home pedicure is ideal.

Before starting, you need to prepare some items that are crucial in the whole process. It is critical to follow every step. Some of the things you require are nail buffer, cuticle remover, cotton wool, nail polish, foot cream, basin, and pumice. Do not stress if you lack any of the items mentioned. The whole idea is to make it a fun encounter. Let us brush over some of the easy steps to follow for a pedicure at home.

1. Prepare your nails
Remove any polish on your toenails. Start by applying nail polish remover; the preferred choice is acetone-free on a cotton swab. Next, rub gently on the parts with the nail polish while holding for some seconds. Once this is done, make sure that each toe has been rubbed correctly to avoid having residue. If there are some stains left, make sure to rub with some cuticle oil.

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2. Soak the feet
It is a crucial step while at it make sure to make the atmosphere conducive. One way is by lighting up a candle to offer relaxation. Put some warm water in a basin add some bath salts. You may opt to apply some cuticle lotion before immersing your feet and toes in the basin. Soak your feet to soften the hard cuticles and dead skin on the sole.

3. Remove dead skin
Pat your feet dry once you remove them from water. Next, get hold of a pumice stone and a file remover. Scrub gently to get rid of the dead skin. While at it, make sure not to leave your feet naked as it can cause injury to your feet. Continue with the process until you achieve a smooth finish.

4. Trim your nails
At this point, cut your toenails in a forthright manner. Cut them to the desired size that is comfortable for you. While at it, be careful not to inflict any injury.

5. Shape and buff nails
At his point, buff nails to your desired shape. For example, you can use a buffing block to ease out evenness on the nails and bring out a shinning effect. Buffing is a necessary step, especially if you want to have a smooth time while applying nail polish.

6. Add some cuticle oil
Oil your fingertips and massage on your toe cuticles. While at it, avoid cutting out cuticles as you may cause damage to leave it to the expert. Cuticles protect you from infections, and interfering with them may lead to skin infections.

7. Massage your feet
It is the most relaxing step; grab some lotion and gently massage your feet. Take as much time that you may require. While at it, make sure to clean any residue with a ball of cotton wool on the toenail as it prevents nail polish from adhering.

8. Apply a layer of a base coat
It is an essential step as it provides a barrier between natural oils from your toenails and nail polish. Most base coats are clear in color.

9. Paint your toenails
It has to be the most favorite step for everyone. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone and your favorite color. Be careful not to smudge and use a toenail separator. Apply two thin coats, letting it dry. For the messes, use a ball of cotton wool to wipe out nail polish.

10. Apply a topcoat
Layer the polish with a top coat to avoid chipping. Applying this coat brings a lasting finish and a shiny finish to your toenails. In addition, it keeps the nail polish for longer.

Final thoughts
All those, as mentioned earlier, are helpful steps that will leave you feeling pampered and fresh. Do not worry if you miss any of the steps. The ultimate goal is to feel relaxed and have a pedicure from the comfort of your home. Pampering time is crucial for your overall wellness.

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