November 29, 2021

Spanish thief swallowed $16,000 Diamond

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It must sound stupid to you, but a thief swallowed a diamond that he stole from a woman in Spain. He thought he had outsmarted the police, but he got arrested by the police at a checkpoint and forcefully gone to undergo an X-ray. No tricked worked, he got caught red-handed with thousands of pounds worth stolen goods from a Marbella restaurant, Spain. But as he knew the stolen diamond’s worth, he realized that nothing would hide it better than swallowing it. 

Where and how did the theft take place?

The two British women entered the restaurant in Marbella’s luxurious southern resort in Spain. Soon after that, two gorgeous men entered the restaurant; one sat near the bar and the other beside one of the women. And as soon as the men left, the woman realized that her purse, which was lying close to the chair, went missing. 

After the incident, the woman reported her stolen handbag to the police. She narrated the entire story and also informed about the items she had in her handbag. According to her, she had around $3,000 in currency, a $16,000 worth diamond pendant, and other valuables in her purse. 

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Action taken by the police

Hours later on a regular patrolling of the police – A police officer usually searched a car at the checkpoint and found out that there was some criminal history of all the four passengers. They all were in the police records because of the theft and robbery. 

The police searched their car nicely and found a purse in the care with cash and the rest of the items, which seemed like it belonged to the women who filled the robbery complaint. But the diamond from the necklace was still missing. 

During the checking, one of the officers noticed one of the men to put his hands on his mouth. And when the diamond was nowhere to be found, so they figured out that he swallowed it. The police arrested all of them and took the one man who could have swallowed it, straight to the medical center. He forcefully underwent an X-ray, and results were shocking. The thief had the diamond in his stomach.  

This gesture, and the fact that they had found the pendant without the diamond, made the police believe he could have swallowed it. However, no further details were provided in this news story, after the revelation of the diamond. 

Wrap up

Even with millions of hauls, it is not the silent robberies that attract notice. It’s the big, glamorous heists — those where the thieves walk off in a dazzling show of patience and preparation with loads of diamonds.

So, what is the most incredible heist of diamonds on the record books? Possibly the one that charmed the thief who was on his way to the prison to swallowed it. Spanish authorities reported about the discovery of a $16,000 diamond in the stomach of a thief.  The thief was taken for an X-ray in the hospital.

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