September 20, 2021

Should we listen to celebrity advice?

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In the current age, we are turning less and less to professional doctors for help and more and more to our social media. I recently listened to a one-hour long audio recording by Gisele Bundchen about how to live a happier life. I am not here to say anything negative about Gisele because the recording really helped. She has a great perspective on life and I found a lot of useful tips. However, when did we start going to celebrities for lifestyle advice instead of medical professionals, and should we be concerned? On one hand, these celebrities are incredibly successful, they made it to the top of their games so their advice is worth something. While The Rock may be a funny guy who started out as a wrestler he is also an astute businessman, if he talks, I will listen. There are many leading lifestyle celebrity gurus out there who give advice on everything. Let’s take a look at some of those that are the most famous and have college degrees to back it up.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian found fame because of a wealthy family, a famous husband, and an infamous videotape. While her path to fame may not be one we all want to follow we still have to give her credit for taking the opportunities that she was presented with. When she became famous many likely thought that her 15 minutes of fame would be shorter than most but she has stuck around for a long time. She has had hit TV shows, underwear, perfume, and makeup business ventures that have all done well. Today she writes a leading blog on the internet providing advice that millions read every week.

While everyone likes to mock Kim Kardashian, she deserves respect. She is a leading woman on the global stage. Not only this but she holds a college degree. She is the only Kardashian child to have completed a college course after attending the University of Arizona and earning a degree in Theater Arts and Spanish.

Natalie Portman

While many may be shocked to learn that Kim Kardashian deserves an audience, the same can not be said about Natalie Portman. Portman has been in some fantastic movies and is an incredibly talented actress. Her role in V for Vendetta was amazing and showed how beautiful she is because she can still look great when bald. Yet she is far more than a pretty face. Whenever Natalie speaks she oozes intelligence. She appears to be calm, cool, and to have a clear knowledge of the world.

While Natalie Portman continues to appear in movies, she is also doing her bit for humanity. She is an advocate for many charities and works tirelessly for those in need. Natalie actually attended Harvard University and graduated in 2003. She holds a degree in psychology and is a little intimidating with her beauty and brains to match.

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Martha Stewart

If there is one woman who we are all happy to go to for advice, it is Martha Stewart. Despite her run-ins with the law, she is an incredible advisor on nearly every topic. From cooking, cleaning to fashion, and business. Martha knows how to get things done. Martha wasn’t always focused on being a celebrity, a perfect housewife, or an incredible cook. At one time she attended university and studied chemistry. She changed her study path but did graduate with a degree in architectural history. Another smart woman is worthy of our attention.

If you need advice there are so many great sources to get it from. Whether it is from influencers on Instagram, Youtube videos, or your friends and family. Listen to others and if their advice works for you, return for more. We can always try to improve ourselves and listening to others is the best way to do it.

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