October 27, 2021

Shakira’s beauty evolution is through her hairstyles

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Shakira has been in hot talks because of her attractive appearance and voice, but her hairstyle is something that does not make her any difficult to be chased by the global reporters. Shakira has always tried hard to change her image with various styles, but everything went in vain. Changing hairstyle is one of the most powerful things that show Shakira’s beauty evolution from time to time. Following are the popular hairstyles of Shakira:

  • Blonde deep wavy long hair

After the commercial success of her albums “Dónde Están Los Ladrones?” and “Pies Descalzos” in Spanish and Latin American in the end years of the 20th century, Shakira appeared with blonde deep wave hair. She carried this hairstyle in many events and is her brand image till now. Bobbing and stunning wavy hair combined with the middle part style make the singer’s face look outstanding and bright.

  • Blonde wavy hair with black lowlights 

It was during her live performance for the new song “Whenever, Wherever” in 2001 when Shakira came out with soft blonde hair waves. The hairstyle, combined with impressive black lowlights, made her look perfect. This style made her appearance more exciting and eye-catching.

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  • Loose wavy hair with bangs

It was during the Latin America MTV Music Video Awards in 2004 when Shakira took every people by surprise with her impressive wispy bangs. It made her look magical and her face seems extremely sweet and young.

  • Curly brown hair

Shakira took part in the MTV Europe Music Awards event in 2005, where she changed her look completely. Her dyed hair with impressive blonde babylights and coffee brown hair color was an addition to her bobbing curls. This hairstyle made her look much more charming and mature.

  • Blonde long straight hair

Shakira brought a dramatic change in her image with that blonde long straight hair. This hairdo of 2008, made her face look beautiful. She had her hair swept in a straight texture and blonde color. She also added some small cornrows on the side that made her style impressive and unique.

  • Honey blonde dreadlocks

Shakira has always been up for those awkward and unique hairstyles as well. The dreadlock hairstyle was her new appearance, and she looked outstanding and beautiful in this hairstyle. Her long dreadlocks dyed with young and bright honey blonde color made her look attractive.

  • Chic bob

It was in 2011 when Shakira had a chick bob style, which made her look impressive. A short hairstyle didn’t spoil her beauty. She set her bob hair with a straight texture or sometimes with loose wavy hair. Shakira’s this hairstyle, along with her bright makeup, made her face look beautiful.

  • Blonde natural wavy hairstyle

After becoming the wife of the famous football player Gerard Pique, Shakira often appeared with natural and softer images. Shakira frequently used the loose wavy hairstyle. It helped her to hide her age along with the formation of her new image, which made her appear young.

  • Balayage curly hair

Shakira’s latest hairstyle is a balayage hair color. She said goodbye to her blonde wavy haircut to have long, curly hair. This hue of her hair is the perfect combination between ash blonde and impressive natural dark brown.

Shakira’s beauty evolution starts and ends through the change in her beautiful locks. She is in her 40s now, but her hair color and style still makes her look young, charming, and energetic.

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