January 18, 2022

Why squoval nails are the best nail shape for you

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Getting nails done is a fantastic thing in itself. The pampering and care you get from the manicurist are enough to spoil a girl! But choosing a nail shape can be a tiresome job. When there are so many shapes and styles to choose from, how can a person land on one?

The easiest thing you can do then is to get the squoval nails. You can flatter squoval nails on any hand shape. With squoval nails, you get the square neatness and dainty oval edges put in one. If you do not believe us yet, here are a few reasons to choose squoval nails on your next manicure visit and why they are the best nail shape of 2020!

Why get squoval nails

Getting a nail shape that is flattering on all hands can be a bit of bother. While people argue over other types of nail shapes that are dominating the manicure world, like round, oval, and coffin, not all of them are suited to most people. Such classic nail shapes also might look differently pleasing on different nail lengths.

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Getting these tricky classic nail shapes right without the help of a manicurist can be difficult, too. Just imagine, if you go for a round nail shape and end up filing some of your nails round, and others almond-shaped? This is why we began by saying that squoval nails are a nail shape that is flattering on all hands. The reason is that there is not much that can go wrong while doing this at home. A good uniformly shaped manicure will undoubtedly look good, even if done right at home, and hence the best nail shape of 2020.

Tools you might require

While there are people blessed with uniformly shaped nails already, not everyone is lucky in the department. This is the reason why you require tools to tame your lovely nails. But luckily enough, there is not a lot that you will require to get this nail shape that is flattering on all hands. All you need have is a nail clipper and a nail file (240 grits works the best).

Lengths suited to squoval shapes

The more tricky nail shapes like coffin or almond are better suited to longer nails, but squoval shapes work wonders on every length you choose. When manicurist visits can’t be very frequent, and health safety is more important, begin with shorter squoval nails, which will grow well into longer lengths. The ease of the task makes it the best nail shape of 2020.

Getting your nails into a squoval shape

To get the perfect squoval shaped nail, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to begin with the clippers we first talked about. Cut the nails to the required length. If you are starting with short nails, you can skip it.
  • Give your nails the basic square shape. Once they are sharp and square from the cutting, use the file to slightly round off the edges.
  • Decide on the more oval or square side, and finish with the rest of the nails.
  • Now, you can apply a dainty french manicure, or simply apply a topcoat to emphasize the look!

From all the classic nail shapes, squoval nails are the easiest ones. Try this at home and rock the new manicure!

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