January 18, 2022

Fifty years of luxurious travel inspired by James Bond

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At 50, James Bond looks just as good as any of the actors who portray the international spy. The year 2012 celebrated the golden anniversary of James Bond’s first film named Dr. No- the world’s second most profitable movie series ever. Since 1962 the films have grossed over $5 billion. But just money can’t calculate 007’s success.

About James Bond

James Bond has grace, trust, deliverance, and deadly power. Most of the popularity of the actor is due to its great sets and props, cars, ladies, villains, and good-looking actors who play the role of hero. James Bond remains a character that audiences will still obsess over anywhere, including in a post-Cold World War, where spies have become somewhat a mysterious theme of the series.

Travel all over the world

Bond’s producers flooded viewers with film after film through the 60s, almost every year as James Bond appeared in locations like Egypt, the Bahamas, Amsterdam, Japan, the Alps, and Portugal. The films have exposed the audience to all sorts of exotic, jaw-dropping destinations around the world since 1962.

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Most stunning James Bond film-locations

Below mentioned are the most stunning places where the world’s favorite spy has done business.

1. James Bond Island, Thailand:

Classic James Bond visited classic Thailand in the 1974 movie The Man with the Golden Gun. The scenery is stunning, as in the film. The site has become so well known that it is referred to by locals as “James Bond Island,” rather than its original name.

2. Jamaica:

This North Coast hotel feels like the kind of place he would retire to, possibly because he was ‘born’ here. Bond traveled to Jamaica to solve a fellow Agent’s murder and to meet with Honey Ryder. Ian Fleming had a long love affair with Jamaica, where he wrote all of his Bond books and spent the last years of his life. Even though decades might have passed since the release of the first film, it still excites Bond fans.

3. Gibraltar:

In 1987, the iconic actor rock set the stage for The Living Daylights movie opening scene in which Bond jumps off a mountain and is one of the finest Bond action scenes on the top of a runaway Land Rover. The scene actually shot through repeated runs on the same short stretch of track, ends with a parachute jump, a fire explosion, and a yacht landing in a classy Bond-style manner.

4. Contra Dam, Switzerland:

The Contra Dam, also known as the Locarno Dam, was James Bond’s famous GoldenEye leap in 1995. This place is also a popular bungee jumping spot. The top of the dam is 720 feet above the underlying lake, making it one of the highest bungee jump in the world.

5. Meteora Agia Triada, Greece:

The popular fame finally came up with the Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only at the Meteora Monasteries.’ Situated on natural limestone skylines in northern Greece, the Meteora monasteries gained fame after they only appeared in the movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in 1981. Today, steep climbing is one of the tourist attractions in Meteora.

6. Taj Lake Palace and Palace on the Island of Jagmandir: Udaipur, India:

Filming of the lucky 13th Bond film, Octopussy, took place at the Taj Lake Palace and Jagmandir Island Palace hotels, most notably in Udaipur, India. A royal vacation palace in the 1740s, it is currently located on the island of Jag Niwas and now functions as a luxury hotel, the Taj Lake Palace.Tariffs start at 37,000 rupees ($670 USD).

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