January 18, 2022

Dreaming of space travel with this space hotel idea

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Vacation comes with a whole new meaning today. While a few will be content with just a regular beach summer vacation, others would want to spend time flinging themselves off cliffs, paragliding, or by doing any adventure activity. Hence, it is simple to understand that there are multiple kinds of vacations and ways of letting off of the steam.   

Now, when you think of an extraordinary vacation, a less adventurous person might be able to fathom a solo trip somewhere in Peru or any similar place. An extrovert and bold person will feel more okay with adventures cliff-climbing, ocean channel swimming, or something of the same sort. But then comes the people who would love to go for a wild and bizarre vacation. Do you have any idea what might come in the list of such vacations? So, let’s have a look at the following article to get an insight. 

The most extraordinary vacation

Extraordinary vacation surpasses all other types of vacations. It is not for the fainthearted, or light pocketed people. Because you plainly can not go on vacation, we will tell you about, if you don’t have a hefty bank account. The list of these vacations, beginning from giant theme lands fashioned after Game of Thrones, etc., and never-ending zip lines in the middle of nowhere, to Star War dream outer space vacations, everything is going to get a bit crazy. 

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Crazy outer space vacations plan

To cater to the needs of these crazy vacation ideas, the Russian space agency came up with a resort for outer space vacations. Because NASA depends on the Russian space agency for the rockets they send into space, the idea of a space hotel does not seem to be out-worldly or impossible for them. 

Begin checking your bank vaults

If you have already started planning what clothes to take with you to outer space, forgive us if we break your bubble with the next revelations. It won’t be out of the blue if we tell you that you need at least a few millions to book a room in the alleged space hotel. The luxurious five-star space hotel will cost $40 million for the stay at the International Space Station (ISS). The hotel is supposed to be built by 2021. If the odds are in your favor and if you have a knack of astronaut walk for the trip, then do remember to keep another $20 million surplus money with you. 

What all you experience

This extraordinary vacation experience of this five-star-rated hotel will allow you to capture the exceptional visions of the earth from space. The crazy vacation idea of this trip will extend to a luxurious suite with private rooms, bathroom, and large windows to look for the view outside. The space hotel will also have equipment for exercising and Wi-Fi! If you happen to have another $20 million with you, you can extend the two-week vacation to a month. 

The idea of outer space vacations has not yet got into shape completely. And only if the multi-millionaires would pre-book the hotel, then it could have enough funds to give birth to this idea. Anatoly Zak believes some 43,000 people have such fortune that the idea of the space hotel could thrive. 

Now when Elon Musk is showing interest in crazy vacation ideas involving space, too, let’s see who leads the race! 

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