January 18, 2022

This are the 10 most expensive shoes in the world

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Shoes were primarily invented to protect human feet and to provide comfort. But now it has become a symbol of luxury. A variety of shoes are available in the markets now, starting from average to designer ones. Some high fashion shoes designed by many famous designers may cost you thousands of dollars.

Well, this is hard to believe, but shoes have become luxury now. We have prepared a list of top 10 most expensive shoes in the world. You are going to be amazed by knowing the costs of these expensive and elite ranges of shoes. Here the list of top 10 most expensive shoes:

Passion Diamond shoes by Jada Dubai & Passion Jewellers (net worth $23.6 million)

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Jada Dubai is a luxury footwear designer; they work in collaboration with Passion Jewellers. This brand is known for the most expensive shoes in the world. Their work has been showcased for the first time in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This pair of stiletto shoes are made of pure gold, leather and silk. To accomplish the design, they have added 236 diamonds. The best feature in these shoes is 15 carat D- flawless diamond on the top of it.

Heels by Debbie Wingham (net worth $15.1 million)

These pairs of awesome shoes are the creation of famous British Designer Debbie Wingham. These shoes are the second most expensive pair of footwear in the world. Debbie collaborated with footwear designer Chris Campbell to complete the creation of these beautiful shoes. They have taken 100 hours and the client’s family stones to complete the design. Three caret pink diamonds and one caret blue diamonds are the look stealer.

Shoes were thrown at ex-president George W Bush (net worth $10 million)

This is hilarious, but true, on December 14- 2008, one incident happened during a press conference. An Iraqi journalist named Muntadhar Al Zaidi threw a pair of shoes on the president of the United States, George W Bush. This event made that shoemaker famous who designed that shoe, and he received a large order of 300,000 pairs of similar design within a week. The cost of that pair bought for $10 million.

Ruby slippers by Harry Winston (net worth $3 million)

These ruby slippers were a replica of Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the wizard of Oz. A very famous designer, Harry Winston, designed these expensive slippers by studding precious jewelry and artwork. It took him two months to create this masterpiece, and it was a tribute to the “Wizard of Oz.” The cost of these slippers is $3 million, which makes it the fourth most expensive shoe in the world.

Heels Rita Hayworth by of Stuart Weitzman (net worth $3 million)

This pair of heels is well decorated and very feminine design by Stuart Weitzman. Rita Hayworth heels are designed with rubies, sapphires and diamonds.  The rust-colored satin fabric has been used to make these heels classier. The net worth of this pair is $3 million, which makes it classier.

Cinderella slippers by Stuart Weitzman (net worth $2 million)

This is another yet another beautiful and expensive pair of shoes designed by Stuart Weitzman.  These Cinderella Slippers are made with 565Kwiat diamonds with platinum laces. The cost of these awesome slippers is $2 million.

Tanzanite heels by Stuart Weitzman (net worth $2 million)

Tanzanite Heels are another masterpiece created by Stuart Weitzman. This pair of Tanzanite heels are designed with 185 carats of blue tanzanite gemstones. It also consists of 28 caret tanzanite to enhance the beauty of these heels.  The cost of this pair if $ 2 Million only.

Jason Arasheben has worn by Nick Cannon (net worth $2 million)

Nick Cannon has worn this pair of shoes during the hosting of “America’s got talent. These shoes are encrusted with 14000 round cut diamonds on the white gold. The estimated cost of this pair of footwear is $2 Million, which very heavy on pockets.

Ruby stilettoes by Stuart Weitzman (net worth $1.6 million)

Stuart Weitzman designs these ruby stilettoes. With red satin insole, this pair is topped with 600 rubies, which nearly weigh around one pound. The cost of this pair is $ 1.6 million.

Platinum stilettoes by Stuart Weitzman (net worth $1.09 million)

Platinum stilettoes by Stuart Weitzman is another excellent example of craftsmanship.  This pair has been designed with platinum fabric straps. It also contains 464 Kiwat diamonds over the straps. The worth of this masterpiece is $1.09 million.

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