September 20, 2021

Meet this hijabi Disney cosplayer with genius hijab skills

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Modern-day makeup is nothing short of witchcraft. A few years back, makeup was just a means of getting ready and feeling beautiful, while today’s range of face paints has made make up an integral part of cosplay. 

Usual magnificent cosplaying is just a part of the present day. It includes makeup and styling with sharp contouring, wigs, and uncanny resemblances with the Disney characters. Cosplayers leave no point unchecked when they enter the field, though cosplaying into Disney characters is always fascinating, and an awe-inspiring example of it got recently viral on the internet.  

A Malaysian based makeup artist, Saraswati, holds a cosplaying account on Instagram, having the name “Queen of Luna.” What strikes the most apart from her mad makeup skills is that in all her cosplaying roles, she neither shows her hair nor uses wigs. All her cosplaying characters are in a hijab! Hijab holds a religious significance in the lives of Muslims. And that is what makes her transformations so beautifully striking. 

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Disney transformations

Cosplaying into Disney characters is no easy feat. And doing so with a hijab can be even more challenging. But nothing stopped the Queen of Luna, and here are some characters she portrayed! 

  • Jasmine

From jewelry to hairstyle, the hijabi Disney transformation was exceptionally on point. She wore golden hoops and a pendant and a blue ribbon with a headpiece copying Jasmine’s jewelry. She fluffed up a black hijab shawl and used blue ribbons to mimic the hair. The blue eye makeup, sharp Arabian eyes were on the spot. 

  • Mulan

Her hijabi Disney characters followed Mulan. With powdered porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, and a painted bang, she looked regal. As usual, finishing the look of cosplaying into Disney characters was her black scarf, tied back to form a bun. She also adorned a flower to look like the character. 

  • Ariel

One of the most challenging looks for her hijabi Disney transformation had to be Ariel’s hair. She wore on a starfish adornment on a scarlet scarf mimicking Ariel’s open wavy hair. Purple eye makeup, a sequined green top over a black top, and a robe completed it. 

One Jasmine is not enough

Recreating the second movie look of Jasmine was the hijabi Disney transformation into an uncanny resemblance. A black scarf took over the hair, and a red and blue eye makeup with a sharp eyeliner defined the eyes. Gold jewelry on the veil and in-ears complimented the look. 

Disney villains

The hijabi Disney characters’ cosplaying is not limited to princesses only. And if anything, the villain portrayal is even more impressive than the princess. 

  • Cruella De Vil

Her cosplaying into Disney characters‘ talent became even more noticeable with her amazing contouring skills. She paired black and white scarfs with contoured hollow, raised cheeks, and green eyes to portray the character – Cruella De Vil.

  • Jafar

From a red and black turban to a scowl enhanced with black paint exactly like Jafar. The look captured everything from high cheekbones to a sharp jawline and beard. She left nothing from her part to look just like Jafar from the Aladdin. 

Many people use a straightener to style a hijab, which might be her trick for creating the hijabi Disney characters, too! The Queen of Luna is surely a cosplaying genius.

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