September 20, 2021

Matching your brows with your eye makeup

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Are you surprised to discover such an incredibly unique makeup trend? You might be! It is something that has never happened in the past. Indeed, it is the beginning of a new and exclusive makeup trend. But by now, you must be seen a lot of this trend on Instagram.

First matching makeup trend

The first makeup artist who created this trend was @sparkedthetrend. The trend of matching false eyelashes with a bright colored lipstick went viral on the social media platform, Twitter.

First celebrity

Jennifer Lopez took this idea and moved a step ahead by creating a look with purple eyes with matching nail paint.

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The trend

Soon after that, eyebrows were dragged in this matching makeup trend. According to the Instagram users, the lashes and the nails are not enough, so they started matching the brows with the same bright colored makeup.

Here is some top matching makeup trend, which is both bold and subtle. If you want to try this on your own this quarantine period, follow the artists mentioned below.

Makeup artists

MUA’s have utilized their time during the lockdown and tried to create a look at this brand new eye-make-up trend.

  • Calebdoesmakeup

He paired a hint of lavender eyeliner at the waterline of the eye with the purple eyebrows.

If you have a dark eyebrow color, then you lighten them by combing it with white or cream-colored eyelash primer first. Then coat it with a bright purple color.

  • Jawhara

She is another makeup artist who had a disheveled approach to make matchy-matchy eyebrows. She used a slime green color to try this makeup trend. Bleached eyebrows make a perfect base for creating a high impact look. Not just the brows, but she also used matching colored eyelash to complete her look.

  • Lisa Carreiro

She added a gothic twist to this makeup trend by adding bright blue tears and matching eyebrows. She faded her black brows into turquoise color. She had naturally thin eyebrows; thus, she quickly created this ultimate makeup trend.

  • Visualvenomartistry

It is another UK based artist who shaved the eyebrow hair to incorporate this latest eye makeup trend. It matched fuchsia and deep purple eyebrows with bright eyeliner and bright lower eyelash.

  • Destinyshae.mua

It is another Instagram user that provides a subtle way to wear colorful eyebrow’s new trend. She made a fiery orange color look by adding a hint of orange in the center of the eyebrows.

  • Alice Elizabeth

She created a blend of colors on her eyebrows using colors from yellow to orange to pink to purple. It was a difficult task for her as well, but she succeeded in creating the best look for this ultimate 2020 makeup trend.

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