November 30, 2021

Latest beauty trend: Holographic oil spill pouts

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Do you remember the time when lip gloss was all the rage you could ever imagine? It was quite popular for a long time in the past, but it seems like the same trend is back but with a slight difference. Let’s catch up on the details of the new and improved version of the lip trend – Holographic oil spill

About the latest trend

The present trend of shiny lips has stepped down into being more lustrous with holographic ‘oil spill.’ The trend is becoming extremely popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram. 

The trend started with the launch of the collection of shimmery lip glosses called Lip switch by brand Sigma. The lip glosses guarantee to transform your lips from being boring to become full of life. The glosses come in a vast number of colors from Transcend (a cool, purplish opal colored gloss), Double Whammy (a green and lavenderish tinted gloss), and many more.

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The best part of these holographic oil spill lip gloss is that you can either wear it with a lipstick or alone; both ways can create a beautiful dramatic look.

The shades of lip switch

Lip Switch by Sigma is a mesmerizing collection of five astounding shades of lip gloss that seems to change their colors with your movement. All the five shades of lip gloss are:

  • Flip – Flop

It is a fiery orange-colored lip gloss.

  • Pink Lotus

It is a bold prismatic pink shade of lip gloss.

  • Other Worldly

It is just a frosty green colored lip gloss.

  • Double Whammy

It is a mixture of oddly different shades of green and lavender in a chromatic style.

  • Transcend

Transcend lip gloss is a cool shade of purple opal.

Fascinating! Isn’t it? All these shades of lip gloss are so tempting that you might want to have them all. And do you know the colors of the lip gloss also change with each movement? Yes, they do! Do you want your collection too?

 So why wait?

Order your lip gloss collection of Lip Switch by Sigma today and enjoy having wonderful, colorful, and glossy lips. You can buy a single gloss for around 11euros; however, if you want to have the entire set, you can make yours just by paying a small number of 27 Euros.

Other trends

After holographic lips, another part of your body is getting decorated with holographic shades. It is none other your nails, which are now getting dressed up with the same color as your lips in holographic colors. But wait, it doesn’t stop right there, the trend extended and reached the shades of unicorn pucker.

Winding up

Now that you have made your mind purchase the ultimate lip gloss collection of lip switch, you must also know that your lips would look best only if you apply a profuse amount of makeup. Apply makeup and the gloss together to get the fantastic and alluring look. Get your gloss today!

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