September 20, 2021

How Lamborghini Huracans fight Italian crimes

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Fighting crime has always been perceived as a dangerous game. We have seen most youngsters playing crime games. The sheer force of actions, paired with the adrenaline rush of constant danger, is a magnet pulling the youth. Fascinated by all the glory and reputation of the police department, juveniles worship the crime-fighting force. Adding more to the charisma of the said field is the fresh inclusion of a very new and chic member.

Luxury vehicles to fight crime

The novel addition brought forward by Italy’s police force is one more reason for youth to pursue this applauding career. The new introduction into the Italian Police is the key to the brand new Lamborghini Huracan. The felony hunting and crime-fighting vehicle were received by the police force of Italy, on the 30th of march.

A tweet, posted by the State Police of Italy on March 30th, shows a picture revealing the new Police wheels. The picture’s caption was ‘The unveiling of the new Huracan Lamborghini delivered to the #poliziastradale crew by the Interior Minister Minniti’ in the Italian tongue.

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Such an expensive addition to the might of the Italian State’s Police department is not a very foreign act. The police also relished a similar gift back in 2015 when a similar Lamborghini Huracan was gifted to the advantage of police speed and felony tracking. When every second matters in the investigation and tracking of evil and vices, the novel member of the Italian Police fleet will never disappoint.

What makes this addition even exemplary is the fact that it holds on-board computers and tablets. These tech additions are crucial when GPS tracking and police communication is required. Along with the technological advances, the vehicles also have holders for essential pieces of equipment like defibrillators. Furthermore, they even possess fire extinguishers and gun holsters. Equipment at ready is a key feature of the Italian Police Department’s success, and the Lamborghini Huracan delivers it.


Even extraordinary is the customized refrigeration system of the crime-fighting vehicle, which is molded into the luggage compartment. The cold beneath the back hood of the car is essential yet unusual. The refrigeration system is installed into the vehicle so that blood can be transported to accident sites. Also, the organ supplies for organ transplants thus conducted help in minimizing the casualties of accidents.

Despite the unusual modifications, the crime-fighting vehicle still adorns its 610-horsepower V10 engine, with the extraordinary acceleration of 0-100 km/h in a mere 3-second span. The heartthrob Italian Police car looks magnificent in its blue and white emphasizing paint. The car mainly manned for medical supplies can also chase speed limit violators along the roads of Bologna. No violator will be able to run from the grasp of such a magnificent drive!

Along with another tweet from the State Police Department acclaiming the ‘usefulness of the vehicle for saving lives’, a statement was also released by the Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali. He marvels at the pride of being honored as Italy’s trustworthy vehicles. The pair of the Huracans are the successors to the impressive Gallardos in the service of the department since 2009. The Gallardo saved from the terrible fate its twin suffered is now moved to the Police Auto Museum in Rome.

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