October 27, 2021

Instagram’s viral beauty trend, the glitter tongue

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Makeup junkies love to glitter — their eyes, their cheeks, and now also their tongues. We’ve seen numerous beauty trends take over Instagram over the last few years. We had glitter nails, glitter hair most recently, glitter eyebrows and now – just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore – the internet has found ‘glitter tongue.’

Who started this weird beauty trend?

Australian makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic started the trend by posting a snap on Instagram with the caption ‘GLITTER TONGUE’. Apparently, the eye-catching look was achieved by accident, as Vukovic explains in the post that she did this lip look and got glittering on her tongue, so she thought that she would embrace and make it the main focus. This weird beauty trend has since gone viral, with several others joining in and coloring their tongues with glitter.

  • Raised some safety concerns

It turns out that coloring your face full of glitter may not be the best thing for your health. The trend has also raised some health concerns since it went viral.

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  • Increasing fear of indigestion and blockages

While it all sounds like a bit of harmless fun, there are growing fears that the trend may cause health concerns. Even though you won’t get killed by swallowing tiny quantities of glitter, but it can cause digestive issues, trigger stomach aches, and even blockages.

  • Pretty harmful to the atmosphere

If you’re familiar with glitter at all, you’ll know that once it’s on your skin or clothing, you can’t ever get rid of the material, and it’s the same with just about everything else. Glitter will stay on the earth for an extraordinarily long time as a non-biodegradable material as it is made up of microplastics, meaning it ends up polluting oceans and other essential water sources.

Solution for the increasing concerns

However, if you want to follow the glittering tongue trend, there’s a solution!

  • Edible glitter is easily available, and can usually be found alongside baking supplies in supermarkets. It may not last as long as the metallic stuff, but it is certainly a healthier and probably a tastier option, too.

For Example, There are a couple of vegan glitter brands, like Lit, which sell sparkles that are safe for accidental consumption.

  • What’s more, specially made ‘bio-glitter’ is available online and is perfect for makeup purposes. Clearly, this is an excellent choice if you want to decorate your cheeks with a glitter that will last longer.

For Example: So, before you lick, look for a glitter like BioGlitz, a plant-based, biodegradable glitter that is not only non-toxic but also environmentally friendly.

  • Always get ready to clean the stuff out of your hair, your clothing, and anywhere within a radius of twenty miles from where you live after you go ahead and douse yourself in it because, as we all know, it NEVER LEAVES.

Wrap up

Glittery makeup ruled this year, but when ‘glitter tongue’ took off on Instagram, the look peaked over the summer.

With the ultimate disco look, the fans started coloring their tongues with glitter. Still, the proposal met with criticism for the simple reason that there are definite health-related concernsof swallowing un-edible glitter.

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