September 20, 2021

How to make festivals a luxury experience?

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The list of music festivals keeps on growing and it becomes more and more difficult to choose which one to attend. The choice of festivals is widening day by day and the variety is endless. Whether it’s about experiencing the 72-hours summer solstice in Iceland from a tunnel made entirely of lava or a full-body Swedish massage while listening to techno in the Bulgarian mountains, the options are baffling. To help you out, we have chosen four of the best festivals and we hope you enjoy it.

Meadows in the Mountains & Sense Hotel Sofia

Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria

Meadows in the Mountains is a 2000 people family-run festival to kick off the summer festival seasons every year. Although Meadows in the Mountains offers limited facilities in many ways, both the location and the wellness tents are awesome. You can enjoy meditation and massages at 1000 feet above the sea level and relax in a way like there is no tomorrow. Make sure you book your tickets this autumn to avoid cancelation and disappointment for the next year.

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After you return from the festival, we recommend you stop off at Sense Hotel for a night in one of their deluxe double rooms. The facade of the Sense Hotel, which is designed by Architectural Group Tzonkov, is constantly changing throughout the day as a result of pivoting panels hidden behind them that screen off the bedrooms.

Secret Solstice & Hofnin Restaurant

Reykjavik, Iceland

The sun keeps shining 24 hours a day in Iceland because of its proximity to the Arctic Circle. This is more than enough to make you pack your sunglasses and head towards Secret Solstice. It is a 4-day festival and it is not a secret. On the way to the festival, stop at the family-run Hofnin. The master chefs and owners of this restaurant serve a selection of electable Icelandic treats. This food will help you give energy to your party.

Mandrea Festival & Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Italian Alps

Situated in the foothills of the Dolomites near the edge of Lake Garda, Mandrea Festival is enclosed by fjord-shaped mountains, providing a mild Mediterranean climate. The smell in the air is of olive and lemon groves.

After the festival, make sure you head towards the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli for the ultimate recovery of your body. The hotel is made to provide a relaxing experience after intense party days. Guests can enjoy homemade ice cream sitting by the private pool and take a tour of Lake Garda in the hotel’s own boat.

Sziget & Gellert Baths

Island of Freedom, Budapest, Hungary

The Island or Sziget is located on a proper 108-hectare island called Obudai-sziget on the Danube River in Budapest. The island can even provide accommodation to VIP campers and can be reached by ferry every day.

Budapest is famous for its healing hot spring thermal spas. The Art Deco Gellert Spa is the most impressive one in terms of design and was first opened in 1918.

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