September 20, 2021

How to become a sustainable luxury travel brand?

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“Alila” is a luxury name in the field of boutique hotels. CEO Frederic Simon mentions that we are the artisanal brand of very passionate hoteliers and crafting the travel experience. Alila is brand which is crafting boutique hotels set in very unusual location across the globe. Their vision is to become a part of the destination, and they are committed to giving comfortable stay to their guests. They want to provide a real understanding of the location where their guests are going to reside.

Alila a sustainable and eco-friendly luxury travel brand

Alila is a great luxury travel brand and was initiated in the year 2001.  In Sanskrit meaning of “Alila” is ‘Surprise’ which genuinely justifies its meaning. This brand has developed 15 properties, and five are in the pipeline to be opened. They have innovative idea of construction which can blend in the targeted area and remains invisible.

They have respected land elevations, flora and fauna, including wind patterns of that area. They have preferred the construction by using materials like stones and woods. The idea of developing a hotel is always based on the traditions and architecture of that region.

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Frederic Simon says it takes a lot of effort from their part to create a classic room layout and to impose them somewhere. Final results are always pleasant and way more economical to develop. These few things make our brand sustainable.

Crafting new destinations across the globe

Alila’s have established a hotel in Oman on the top of Jabal Akhdar, which is a mountainous site and 2000 meters above the sea level. This is the most spectacular area as compare to Grand Canyon. Earlier, this building was forbidden for tourists and belonged to the Ministry of tourism. According to Frederic, the Ministry contacted them to develop this place as a new tourist destination.

The same thing happened for the Bishangarh fort in Rajasthan, India. They started renovating the fort, which wasn’t a comfortable place, and they have turned it into a luxury hotel. To convert this 230-year-old defensive fortress in to a luxury place, it took seven hard-working years.

Hospitality is a blend of culture and lifestyle

Frederic says in Asia, there is a great sense of kindness and quietness and a deep sense of pride for working in hospitality. In Alila’s guests are privileged and contacted by staff for tailor-make experience. It can be a pillow of their choice or maybe a customized food menu. They do everything to make their guest feel special.

Yangzhou on the Li-River

This is another great example of the most sought tourist sport in China. Alila converted a sugar factory in the hotel here, renovated it partially so the guest can feel and sense the original place. They have worked with Dong Gong and Ju Bin for vector and horizontal space design.

To become a sustainable luxury travel brand, you have to pay attention to hospitality and other important factors like the culture of the local area. Alila has achieved that level, and they are going to be a leader in the coming years.

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