July 31, 2021

This jail looks more like a luxury cruise!

Cruise ships are as extensive as one sees with all the amenities and services. But have you ever thought what all do they have in prison for anyone who commits an offense? Then let’s look right into it. 

One week one project team designed a prison ship named Panama Papers Jail. The design has a more comfortable appearance than a jail cell. If you want to learn more about this Jail, wait no more, and have a peek in the article below:

The Panama Papers Jail

Panama Papers Jail is a prison constructed from cells made of paper. It holds the people accused in the financial scandal called “Panama Papers.” The prison is on a cargo ship situated in the waters facing Panama City, that’s how it got its name. 

The French architect’s Panama Papers Jail project is a concept design that serves as a jail vessel for all the accused. The prison ship is fully independent with an agricultural deck, a ship bow sports ground, a water treatment facility for the sea, workshops, and gym amenities.

Striking features:

  • The prison ship’s most stunning feature is the two large sails (one for males and another for the females), and the tower over the cargo vessel – both are of paper.
  • The sails are built at a huge height of 100 meters and stretch across 350 meters of the ship’s deck.
  • The cruise can hold up to 3,300 people in custody.
  • The cargo boat contains a water treatment plant, workshop, and a fitness center.

The segments

The cruise further divides into three parts that include:

  • An administration offices
  • Rows of prison cells of 9 square meters
  • Guard duplex apartments. 

The science behind those compartments ensures that it is effectively utilizing the available area.

 About the architects

In 2013, French architects, Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux, came up with the one week one Project challenge to produce a spontaneous architecture project per week. The design approach of the architects is practical because they use real-life observations from everyday life. 

According to a challenge, within seven days, they have to come up with a spontaneous architecture project. Their method involves the discovery of a site, the evaluation, and the development of a scheme involving an architectural project.

The project

Panama papers jail is a paper cell prison lining on the international waters in Panama City. The cruise liner is the place to grant penalties to illegal business practitioners, as accused in the case of Panama Papers. However, it is everything that a normal prison does not have. 

Winding up

Nobody would recognize it as a jail, because it looks like a cruise with amazingly big sails. The only issue the prisoners are facing in this jail is sea-sickness, rest everything is top-notch.