June 18, 2021

Surprising stories of lost millions

Being mere working people who can raise a storm to search $5 that slid into a couch, we can never fathom multi-million mysteries. But still reading these truly unusual stories can make us feel a bit okay for losing a tenner somewhere on the streets.

D.B. Cooper attempts a dive

This bizarre mystery of lost millions started when boarding Flight 305 on a Boeing 727 was Dan Cooper, who masterfully succeeded in hijacking a plane midair. Taking on the alibi of a salesman, Cooper slipped into the plane unnoticed with a suitcase that housed a bomb. He seized the aircraft with 36 passengers in it and asked for a ransom amount of $200,000, four parachutes, to be waiting for the fight at the Seattle airport.

The plane was refueled, passengers and attendants freed, minus the flight crew. And then he demanded the plane to fly to Reno.

During the flight, the plane went under a strong depressurization. Quickly adjusting the plane bearings, along with being undetectable tailed, the flight managed to arrive at the Reno airport. But Cooper was gone, and so was the ransom money.

The bills given to Cooper did not make their way to the financial circulation for quite some time until a family found three stacks of the same marked bills near the Columbia River. Apart from 10 missing bills, the sequence of the money was the same! Theories widely suggest that Cooper could not have managed the jump in such extreme turbulence. This multi-million mystery, hence remain unsolved.

Lost millions in lost accounts

Apparently, for the cocaine millionaire Pablo Escobar, a few missing millions were just a rounding error and not a bizarre mystery of lost millions. Making $30 billion cocaine kingdom, Escobar smuggled cocaine over and under various state borders. He died in the police shoot out but left behind a territory ranging from luxury cars to massive bungalows. Despite everything ever under the name Pablo Escobar was seized, none of it was even close to the amount of $30 billion (which in fact is a lot of money).

His brother and accountant, Roberto Escobar, said that there are millions of Escobar’s left behind a fortune that will never be uncovered again. Evidently, there were secret bank accounts opened all around the world to deposit his money. And there were so many bank accounts that they could not even be remembered. The multi-million mysteries will continue as a vast chunk of the billionaire’s crime money will be left unfound in forgotten bank vaults.

A golden room that moves

Missing lumps of note stacks is one thing, but a whole 590 square feet lost amber room could only be a mystery from some fantasy novel. But this bizarre mystery of lost millions revolves around a real amber room, built for the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Prussia. Studded by the shining amber from floor to roof, the now lost amber room traveled the globe more than a middle-class person can. Eventually, it found its way to Russia, from where it is said to be taken by Nazi invasions. It is said that the lost amber room could have succumbed to the German bombing, but fewer others believe that it never left Russia as the Nazis took a fake.