June 18, 2021

Gardening tips to get rid of Japanese knotweed

Do you like adding greenery but tired of the occurrence of the Japanese knotweed again and again? Worry not, we have brought a few easy and quick steps for you to get rid of this problem of yours. But first, learn more about the Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed

It is a plant with large heart-shaped leaves protruding from the bamboo-like stems of the plant. Japanese knotweed has a cluster of small white or creamy flowers that bloom mostly in the late summers. The weed grows on an exponential rate, overruns some of the plants in the area around.

The weed’s occurrence is mostly in the areas of the UK and North America. If you want to protect your yard from its fatal attack, get rid of it instead of maintaining the weed. Check out the few basic control methods to remove or kill the Japanese knotweed from your garden.

Tips to get rid of Japanese knotweed:

  • Mowing regularly

Mowing or cutting down small pieces of knotweed is the best way to keep a check on the weed growth rate. Eventually, the weed would get weaken due to excessive trimming and would finally stop spreading. You must mow at least once in a week, along with the other weed control methods, to get effective results within no time.

  • Organic ways

The most effective way by far is the smothering of the weed with a tarp to ensure that the plant doesn’t receive the required amount of sunlight and nutrients. The best time to do it is in the early spring when the plant is weak and young. Eventually, it would turn out to be a life long solution to this problem. However, it takes around 5-6 years to get rid of this problem through this technique completely.

  • Use of commercial herbicides

The traditional herbicide like glyphosate is one of the most excellent herbicides that you can use to get rid of Japanese knotweed for a long time. However, glyphosate is not enough to eliminate the plant for life; thus, you must incorporate other weed removing methods. Ensure to take proper precautions before spraying the herbicide in the plant. Also, the best time to use this method is the entier summers and early fall.

  • Digging and removing the plant from the roots

Even if you have sprayed the plant with herbicide, digging out the roots of the Japanese knotweed is another way to get rid of the weed for a long time. Just like any other method, it also requires to be done in a combination of these methods. The weed’s root can go as deep as 10 to 20 feet in depth.

Winding up

These are the four best ways to permanently remove the Japanese knotweed or, at least, for a more extended period. Happy gardening!