July 31, 2021

Add some cheer and you will love your balcony

During this lockdown, we have come to realize that there are many corners in our home where we like to spend most of our free time. We even sit around these corners while we are reading, writing, working, or making calls. One of the most common corners in the house is the balcony. So why not we take out some time and add some life to the balcony so that you can love being there.

The co-founder of Hipcouch, Mr. Pankaj Poddar, says that with some socializing, flash mobs, concerts, dancing, and exercising happening in the balconies, they are slowly transforming into venues of entertainment across the world. In India, balconies were never treated like this. They

are either used as a dump yard or a place to dry clothes. Now that our lives have come to a standstill, people seem to take out some time to transform their balconies.

The transformation process of a balcony can be fun, and you will be able to transform the once-neglected space into a cheerful and purposeful den for you and your family. All you need to have is a set of skills and some creativity.

Assess your balcony

First of all, you need to identify the layout and the area of your balcony. It will help you to plan. For example, if you have a big balcony, you may have enough space to put a big table. The type of furniture will entirely depend on the available area.

Dust and clean

In the next step, you need to clear the balcony of everything you have dumped over there. Make sure you wipe off railings, walls, and rub the floor. If you have leftover paint at your home, you can spruce up the railings of your balcony.

Preparing the balcony

In this step, you need to consider the requirements of you and your family. How would you utilize the balcony? Make sure you consider some of these types of questions, as these questions will help you in bringing the necessary elements. In case you are thinking of even working in the balcony, you can add a chair around that big table or even a rug. The idea is to do creativity within the available area.

A bench, a cushioned chair, or lounge chair could be an excellent addition to your balcony. Make sure you don’t put many chairs. If you don’t want to keep chairs on your balcony, you can go for low seating by laying a rug or mat on the floor.

If you live in apartments, you would want to make this corner a little private space as apartments are often close to each other. To ensure privacy while you are sitting with your family on your balcony, you can add bamboo blinds or even hang curtains.