June 18, 2021

10 most valuable vinyl records for resale

The vintage trend is back again, and the sale of the vinyl record is yet again a trend. A few decades back, these records defined the success or failure of a singer or musician. However, some passionate vintage lovers are still spending reckless money to buy these records at an extravagant cost.

Do you know, most of the records are even more expensive than your house. But what is it that makes a vinyl record so valuable? It is not the quality, but it is its rarity that makes it expensive. Another factor of vinyl records to be so expensive is its uniqueness. The record pricing is often influenced by its serial number, a handwritten note, or a rare cover. Below the list of the most expensive vinyl records:

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)

It is a popular song by an American producer and singer Frank Miller. Only 250 copies of the record were released of the song; thus, each record of this music is valuable. Berry Gordy, director at Motown, destroyed most of the copies, but only five copies were left. Thus, it became one of the rarest and expensive vinyl records. One of its records was sold in 2008 for $30 thousand.

Caustic Window

It is an album released by Aphex Twin in the year 1994. However, the project failed, and only five copies of the album were left, making it valuable and expensive. The founder of Minecraft, Markus’ Notch’ Persson, purchased the album in an auction in the year 2006 for approx. $46,300.

Till There Was You

A copy of The Beatles – ‘Till There Was You’ was found in an unknown person’s attic. It was sold at an auction in the year 2016. According to some of the people, it was only worth $12 thousand, but an unknown buyer bought it for $90 thousand. It was taken as a “holy grail” among the Beatles fan because it brings another unique thing, which is the handwritten note of Brian Epstein, the Fab Four’s manager.

Yesterday & Today

An album – Yesterday & Today, released by The Beatles in 1966. While the first release happened in the US, it later got released in Japan and the UK. The first vinyl record of this album is rare and quite valuable. But what makes vinyl records unique and valuable? It is its cover picture, which was a little creepy, so was eventually changed into a traditional one. Thus, the first copy was expensive and was purchased for $125 thousand in 2013.

The White Album

It is yet another album of The Beatles. It was called so because the cover of the record was completely blank, and only the serial number was printed on it. It has the most popular item for the fan as the vinyl record stated album no. 0000001. A fan purchased the vinyl record in 2015 for $790 thousand, which made it the most expensive commercial record of that time.

Once Upon A Time in Shaolin

Martin Shkreli purchased the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. He paid an unbelievable amount of $2 million for this vinyl record in the year 2015. Later in the year 2017, he put the record back on eBay with the base amount of $1 million and was finally sold at more than $1 million.