November 29, 2021

Choosing the best color highlight for your brown hair

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We all feel that highlights could be the best way to look glamorous. The addition of highlights to your hair is a great way to create a glowing, shiny appearance to your locks. They add texture, depth, and brightness to them, making it a fantastic alternative to dyeing your entire head. Dyeing your head may cause severe damage to your roots. It is why we’ve seen a shift from dyeing to highlighting in recent years. There are many options for highlight color, especially when it comes to brunette hair. 

Subtle highlights

You can choose according to the shade of brown hair. In case of extremely dark brunette hair, you won’t want blonde highlights. It may look rather extreme and takes away the beauty of your natural hair color. Instead, you can try a shade of brown that is just one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. You need to choose the type of brown highlights, and it will depend on whether your hair is warm tones or cool tones. Warm-toned hair had reddish or golden undertones, while cool tones hair is beige and ash browns. Your highlights must reflect the warm or cool tones of your hair.

If your hair is in the light of the mid-brown region, then you can go and experiment with blonde highlights. It is the beautiful honey blonde that looks great, even with light chestnut color. Remember that for subtle highlights, try not to go for too many shades over your natural hair color. The idea is not to give your hair an all-over blonde look but instead a sun-kissed look.

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Extreme highlights

If your hair is long and you want no or just a few layers to go dramatic, you can go for five or six shades lighter than your naturally dark hair. Extreme highlights on shorter hairstyles can indeed look a bit choppy. In the case of shorter hair and you want to try intense highlights, you can place a few highlights in selected areas of your bangs around your face. It will create an edgier look without putting highlights at the top of your head. 

When you add highlights to your brown hair, you are more likely bleaching it. The lightness of highlights depends upon how long you leave the bleach on. Stylists often use a lighter hair color when it comes to subtle highlights. The color contains peroxide instead of bleach that retains the look. However, for the extreme look, you can go for 30 or 40 volume cream peroxide with either foils or frosting caps. While lightening your hair from dark brown and going to blonde, there is a possibility that you may experience yellowish or orange-ish highlights. You can also get rid of brassiness by applying purple or blue-based toner after washing out the peroxide. 

Extreme highlights are likely to range in color from platinum to light ash blonde. It all depends on how you want your look. You need to keep in mind the type of your natural hair color, whether it is a warm or cool tone while you choose for extreme highlights.

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