October 27, 2021

Bring the space onto your fingers with these magnetic galaxy nails

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Galactical designs have been taking over the internet for quite some time now. You must have seen some pictures on Instagram feed showing galaxy painted cars, house decor, and even galaxy-themed food! These outer-worldly designs are genuinely marvelous. The sheen, the shine, the glitter, everything about is so fascinating and charming. The sheer incredibility of galaxy art can be witnessed in several space movies. But, what if we tell you that you can bring some part of this galactical magnificence into your life, too?

Recently, Violetta, a Barcelona, Spain based nail artist, brought this galaxy nail art design into our lives. She posted a short video of her twiddling her galaxy manicure, which led to the whole world getting crazy over this trend. She captioned the post “Hypnotizing,” and indeed, it was hypnotizing. The galaxy manicure shimmered with the shift in the light, and one could relish the outer-space brilliance of the galaxy nail art design. The design gleamed on a dark blue background with a light blue shine imitating stars. There is no way such a fantastic art piece could be from this world!

Virtual appreciation

The post by ‘@yeswhatnails’ spread like wildfire, and manicure lovers all around the world fell crazily in love with the idea of a galaxy manicure. The video presently has about 144,160 views, which is not quite a big deal for a nail featuring galactical beauty. The viewers fell in love with galaxy manicure instantly and commented by appreciating the design. While there were many sprinkled ‘wows,’ many people recognized the galaxy nail art design as ‘pure magic’! Friends urged each other to try the design the next time they thought of getting a new manicure. The best comments were of the people who realized to ask Violetta what products she has used. It certainly would be great to try the galaxy manicure by ourselves, right?!

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Magnetic galaxy nails

If you have seen the “hypnotizing” video, you sure would agree that the nail design has a magnetic finished look to it. That is because the nail products used for the magnetic galaxy nails are really magnetic! The magnetic galaxy nails by Violetta were achieved by using a magnetic nail polish named the ‘cat-eye.’ The nail polish has tiny embedded magnetic particles which provide the result of shimmering whirls of the magnetic galaxy nails. When exposed to a magnetic tool, you can adjust the magnetic particles of the nail polish in the fascinating designs, and achieve your dream galaxy manicure.

How to do your own galaxy nail art?

For your magnetic galaxy nails, you need a strong magnet and a magnetic nail paint. Apply a darker nail coat than the magnetic polish if you want more shifts in color. You can apply 2-3 coats of the magnetic nail polish itself to get the same result. Manipulate the polish with your magnet and reach the suitable galaxy nail art design of your choice. Let the paint dry. A top coat of clear polish makes the whole look even more glamorous!

So, get your magnetic nail polish and begin experimenting with the outer world!

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