November 30, 2021

Brilliant do-it-yourself makeup wipe hack

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This woman’s genius DIY makeup wipe hack is brilliant. It will save you a ton of money, and it only takes a few minutes to make! If you wear makeup, this is the perfect solution for you. Check out her instructions below on how to make your DIY makeup wipes so that they are just as effective as store-bought versions but without the cost or wasteful packaging. She is being celebrated as a very intelligent woman on Reddit creating these luxurious makeup wipes with no money.

Her idea was to use gauze instead of buying expensive makeup wipes. She unfolded some gauze and discovered the absolute best makeup wipe. The woman folded two pieces, added toner to one piece of gauze, and an inexpensive makeup remover to the other. The results were spectacular, and with no money spent on supplies, she can make as many of these as needed. This woman has discovered a way to save tons of money while being environmentally conscious!

Toners & makeup removers (unused samples or inexpensive brands work just as well!) FREE if you have them at home already, otherwise around $20 for a large container. This is enough to last hundreds of wipes, depending on how much toner/makeup remover you use per wipe. You will also need to have a few cotton balls to help wipe your face clean after applying the toner/remove cream onto one side of the gauze square.
It is vital not to use fabric softener when washing the gauze.

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We have all seen those expensive wipes being sold at drugstores or beauty stores, and they can get very costly, especially for someone who wears makeup every day like most people do these days. It may take a lot of time and materials to make your version, but it will save you in the long run.

The do-it-yourself makeup wipe hack is brilliant because there are many different types of problems with store-bought versions that she has fixed by just making her ones! The instructions below will help guide you on creating this miracle product yourself so that you won’t be spending any extra cash trying new products without knowing if they work well.

Another inexpensive makeup wipe option

Old t-shirts – cut the shirts into small pieces of fabric and soak them in water. Squeeze out excess water so that you have a damp towel (not dripping), then put it on top of your head for 15 minutes to absorb all the liquid from the towels. Then, take off and leave it draped over a chair or something overnight to dry thoroughly before using again! So cool, right?

Another idea for homemade makeup wipes is to use cotton rounds. Cut the round in half, and wet both halves with baby oil before putting them together to form one wipe. Take a small bottle of water (or any other type of liquid you like) and pour it over your wrists. Then use your hands to spread it across all areas that makeup would need to be removed for a quick clean-up!

There were also reusable cotton rounds that can be machine washed. You can use these as makeup wipes to help save money and time.

The key to using this method is not just wetting the towel with water but also adding soap or lotion if desired. This will ensure any dirt or bacteria are removed as well. Now you can use these makeup wipes as much as needed without worrying about wasting money or filling up landfills with extra plastic packaging because this is an easy DIY project that costs next to nothing!

We’re always craving new products when we finish our current ones or if they don’t work as well as we thought they should have been working from the start, but there are often times where it can be easy to forget about those old tried-and-true versions that she has fixed by just making her own ones!

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